[time-nuts] HP 59309A clock available

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 17 12:47:02 EDT 2008

Is that a scratch in the hardwood floor on the right side of that third stack ?  I can come pick up the lot, when will you be at work ?

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Hi Jeff,

Sure, I'll post your note to the time-nuts list and see if anyone
would like your 59309A clock. They can contact you *offline*
for shipping details.

It's a cute clock, I can see why you don't want to throw it away.
Thanks for your kind offer to pass it on to someone on the list.


Museum of HP Clocks

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> Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:04 AM
> Subject: HP Clock Museum--
> I have an HP59309A digital clock that I want to give
> to someone. I would hate to throw this away but I am
> cleaning shop and this has been in storage for the
> past 20+ years. Do you have anyone in your cirlce
> of enthusiasts that needs one?
> Jeff

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