[time-nuts] Power monitoring

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Apr 17 20:50:49 EDT 2008

> Our telescope suffers from flaky mountain power, so we have to do
> this sort of  thing.

> The problem is sending a message that the power went out to the
> university campus from the mountaintop over a network that may not be
> working because the power went out. Many steps of communication
> depend on UPSes to hold up for a few  minutes to get that email out. 

Have you tried turning that around?  Do the active monitoring from the campus 
where you have a solid place to stand.  If you can't ping the mountain top 
there is a problem.

> For monitoring whether there is mains power or not, a 110VAC coil
> relay plugged into the non-UPS outlet tells a computer that there is
> no mains power.  

I like that level of simplicity.  Thanks.

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