[time-nuts] AMSAT Goes to the Races -- April 27

Tom Clark, K3IO k3io at verizon.net
Tue Apr 22 02:04:32 EDT 2008

   Many of you know, or have heard of, Jim Jaeger from Cincinnati. Jim is
   a MAJOR time-nut, owning a bunch of Cesiums and a couple of H-Masers in
   his basement time lab. Jim got his electronics start making amateur
   radios at RL Drake, and then he and Mike Valentine formed Cincinnati
   Microwave in the early 70's to make the ESCORT radar detectors at just
   the time that "double nickel" speed limits were imposed during the
   first oil crisis.
   You might also find it interesting to know that Jim owns a stable of
   concours class Ferarris and Corvettes, the world's most extreme
   collection of old Collins and Drake radios, and probably the best
   private collection of Enigma machines.
   Some of you have also heard that he suffered a major loss last July
   when his home (the old Kroger Grocery estate) burned. His garage and
   radio museum were unscathed, but the part of his home (including the
   time lab) suffered major water damage. A couple of on-line stories of
   the fire can be seen at
   s-hurt-battling-Ohio-fire/  and
   rom-Injuries/46$55712  and the photos at
   I saw Jim a few weeks ago, and he says that the house is being rebuilt
   and most to the time-nuts widgets are being rejuvenated.
   Now to the topic of the note -- Rick Hambly and I'll be spending the
   weekend with Jim, and here is why (as posted on amsat.org):


   This coming Sunday, April 27th, AMSAT will have its premiere at a major
   sports car race -- The Bosch Engineering 250 at the Virginia
   International Raceway (VIR) Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series; VIR is
   located near Danville, VA on the VA/NC border.

   Brad Jaeger (see [4]http://www.bradjaeger.com) is the son of AMSAT
   member Jim Jaeger (K8RQ) and is piloting the bright yellow #77 Doran
   Racing Kodak Ford machine (which you can see at
   [5]http://www.bradjaeger.com/?q=node/110 and at

   K8RQ has arranged for AMSAT to display its colors on Brad's car on a
   "space available" basis. If you can make it to Danville for the
   weekend, the detailed  schedule of events can be found at
   [7]http://www.grand-am.com/assets/08VIROfficialSched2.pdf. But if you
   can't make it, the race will be carried on the cable SPEED channel from
   12:00 to 15:00 EDT on Saturday, May 3rd.

   For more details about the Grand-Am Rolex racing series, see
   [8]http://www.grand-am.com/rolex/ and

   73 de Tom, K3IO


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