[time-nuts] Disciplining Rubidium

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Wed Apr 23 20:34:04 EDT 2008

One more comment:
the GPS disciplining doesn't affect performance of parts to the 14th  short 
term. GPS is used for long-term (>1000s or so) error correction, where  it can 
achieve parts the 14th, but only after a day or much longer.
GPS is not good enough to give you more than parts to the 8th-9th timing  
accuracy per second, which is already accuracy in the feet range. Parts to  the 
14th short term would require accuracy in the 0.00001 foot range, not  possible.
In a message dated 4/23/2008 16:36:32 Pacific Daylight Time, wa1zms at att.net  
>With the Rubidium disciplined by the GPS,
>with its on-board  Rubidium/Cesium oscillators updated from the ground every
>orbit, you have  parts in the 14th, short term. In 

I  have some Wenzel OCXOs that hit 5E-13 for a 1 second tau. No Rb or Cs
or  Z3801 that I have running get that good at 1 sec tau!  Over 10,000
is  a different matter, however.

-Brian,  WA1ZMS

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