[time-nuts] Disciplining Rubidium

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I think the best of all worlds would be a double-ovenized SC-cut OCXO
running at 5 MHz (lower mass). These OCXOs have the lowest phase noise and
best Allen variance short term stability (1-100 seconds) of any xtal or Rb.
Then have this OCXO disciplined by the GPS, with an ephemeris of variations
constantly collected, statically averaged over a long period (at least 1
month), and the calculated average used to adjust the OCXO frequency.

Tom Duckworth

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Adding to Tom's worthy list:

11) Short-term phase noise; the GPS-Rb sources don't seem to be as clean as
the better GPS-OCXO packages.

-- john, KE5FX

> > More precisely, if I had two black boxes, one containing
> > a GPS-Rb-XTAL setup and another containing GPS-XTAL,
> > what measurement would you make from outside the boxes
> > to distinguish from one another?
> Ah, clever question. Here's ten ways to distinguish them...

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