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> >>From the paper:
> >>From the paper:
> >
> >"... can be understood by comparison with the optical concept of "total
> >internal reflection," or by the acoustic "whispering gallery"phenomenon
> >experienced in large circular halls."
> >
> >The classic whispering gallery is in St. Paul's Cathedral, London.   If you
> >stand near the wall on one side, you can hear someone standing in a similar
> >location on the other side even when they talk very quietly - hence the term
> >whispering gallery.
>It was my impression that the resonators which operatte in WG mode
>uses the _other_ pecularity about whispering galleries, an effect
>very few people even know about, reasons which will be obvious in
>a moment:
>Empty the entire gallery of as much absorbant material as possible,
>including people and their clothes.

Fascinating stuff..

See also a paper by Georg Essl in Acuostics Research Letters Online 

"Whispering" waves and Bate's ridges in numerical experiments

He refers to some papers by Rayleigh (hey, how often do you get to 
cite Rayleigh in a paper?)

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