[time-nuts] Disciplining Rubidium

Richard W. Solomon w1ksz at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 24 18:43:23 EDT 2008

Too bad the navtechgps web-site makes it so difficult to find anything.
My attention span is very short, if they don't make it easy for you to
find anything, I look for another vendor.
Computers are to make life easier, not a drudge.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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>Thanks Björn,
>I did some digging and it appears to be even cheaper: navtechgps.com 
>sells them for $165! 
>(usual disclaimer about no afiliation etc.)
>On Thursday 24 April 2008 18:23, you wrote:
>> Novatel SuperstarII.
>> /Björn
>> On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 16:53 +0200, ScopeFreak wrote:
>> > Hi Bjorn,
>> >
>> > Which $330 GPS with carrier phase output are you referring to?
>> >
>> > Tom
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