[time-nuts] GSyncQ GPS Evalution Kits && NTPns

Pekka Niemelä pniemel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 00:45:00 EDT 2008


I'm a bit new to this list, but I can't find information on this, but here
goes anyways:

I'm getting a Synergy Systems,LLC GSyncQ/T remote GPS receiver, that has a
nice RS-422 serial connection, what I was thinking about was that this
system apparently works on an i-Lotus (to whom Motorola sold their Oncore
business) M12M Timing receiver. I know that PHK's NTPns software works with
Oncore receivers, so I was thinking that maybe this GSynQ receiver system
would also be supported by NTPns? Is this the case, or not? How about the
official NTP software, does it work on them? I'm sorry if refering to NTPns
is a taboo on this list, I was just wondering...

warm regards,
P. Niemelä

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