[time-nuts] GSyncQ GPS Evalution Kits && NTPns

randy warner randy at geodetics.com
Fri Apr 25 12:10:44 EDT 2008

Poul et al,

If Pekka is getting the full G-SynQ kit with the interface box, RS-232
output is already provided by the box. Inside the box I ran the data and
1PPS through a couple of MAX488's and then a MAX206 to supply RS-232 levels
on the DB-9 connector that attaches to a normal serial port.

Randy Warner

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>I'm a bit new to this list, but I can't find information on this, but 
>here goes anyways:
>I'm getting a Synergy Systems,LLC GSyncQ/T remote GPS receiver, that 
>has a nice RS-422 serial connection, what I was thinking about was that 
>this system apparently works on an i-Lotus (to whom Motorola sold their 
>business) M12M Timing receiver. I know that PHK's NTPns software works 
>with Oncore receivers, so I was thinking that maybe this GSynQ receiver 
>system would also be supported by NTPns? Is this the case, or not? How 
>about the official NTP software, does it work on them? I'm sorry if 
>refering to NTPns is a taboo on this list, I was just wondering...

It works fine with NTPns, but you must make sure you use a RS422 card which
has an extra input so you can get the PPS signal also.

I used a Quatech card and that worked well.

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