[time-nuts] PRS-10 (was Re: Disciplining Rubidium)

christopher hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Fri Apr 25 12:30:33 EDT 2008

Ulrich wrote:
> The alternative would have been to include a command in their own
> PRS10-syntax which would need an external online translation process
> from receiver language into PRS10 language and 

This is what was rumored to exist.  But I couldn't get SRS support to admit
to its existence, but to be fair, I didn't buy my PRS-10 new and wasn't
entitled to support.

> who of you owns a device that would accomplish this task on the fly
WITHOUT writing a special
> program for it?

It's just a SMOP.  :-)   In many cases you'll have a uC in the mix to
initialize and monitor things,.


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