[time-nuts] FEI5660A opt26 voltages

Predrag Dukic stijena at tapko.de
Sat Apr 26 13:28:38 EDT 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Here is a question from a newbie:

Does anyone know correct voltages (or range) for XTAL monitor and 
Lamp monitor pins
on the out connector of the rubidium osc. FEI 5660A (opt 26)?

I have two units with these data
Unit 1  XTAL mon. : 3.6 v     Lamp mon. : 6.6V
Unit 2 XTAL mon.  :  6.0V    Lamp mon. : 4.3V

Is it possible to make an estimate of remaining life before XTAL 
readjustment or lamp exchange from these data?

Thanks in advance

Predrag Dukic M. Sc.
University of Split

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