[time-nuts] Zeta Labs X76 Multiplier 7600 MHz Output Model 5856-01

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Mon Apr 28 17:20:30 EDT 2008

Matt Ettus wrote:
> Just bought a
> Zeta Labs X76 Multiplier 7600 MHz Output Model 5856-01
> on ebay.  Anybody have any info on these?  What kind of drive should I give it?
> Thanks,
> Matt


You'll be very lucky to find data for an old exotic beast like that. It looks 
like a step recovery diode feeding a big honkin' bandpass filter.

Expect the output power to be around a milliwatt, give or take a factor of 10.

Keep the 100 MHz input power under half a watt for starters, to keep from 
burning it out too soon. That's the typical max input rating for the step 
recovery diode that they likely used.

Start at zero, turn up the input power slowly and watch the output power with a 
   spectrum analyzer or power meter (I assume that all that filtering inside it 
will keep the fundamental out). When it starts to work, the 7.6 GHz output power 
should go up quickly with a smaller increase in input power.

The trouble is, the ideal operating power is probably about 4 dB less than the 
power required to blow out the diode.

Good luck with it!

--David Forbes

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