[time-nuts] any experts at repairing WaveTek 288's?

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Wed Apr 30 07:24:39 EDT 2008

It is not clear from your post if you did that test while under power or

This is probably a Rotary Optical Encoder. It may need 5V to power the LEDs
or light bulb that activate opto-sensors, so you probably need power applied
and use a scope to check the outputs. Also, some devices only generate short
pulses on the outputs which will never show with a multimeter (I have a
Kenwood radio that does that), you would need a scope. 
If you do not get anything, it may be that the light bulb inside is dead.
This is a common problem on HP gear of that vintage.

Didier KO4BB 

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> so, feel free to ignore this message :-)
> I'm trying to get a WaveTek 288 back in working order.  First 
> problem is that the rotary switch on the front panel doesn't 
> work.  Checking with a multimeter, it never closes any 
> switches when rotated.  Anyone know of a commercial 
> equivalent to WaveTek's part?
> Second problem is when I run calibration, I'm getting a ERR 
> OFST ZERO message.  The service manual isn't helpful beyond 
> saying to check the motherboard.  Anyone seen this error who 
> could suggest the mostly likely failed components?
> Thanks.
> Scott

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