[time-nuts] LED reliability

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Apr 30 12:56:55 EDT 2008

> LEDs been viable since at least the early 70's?  Talk about planned
> obsolescence... 

How reliable were the early LEDs?  When did they start to get used in high 
reliability applications?

I remember getting a rack of memory for a PDP-10 that used LEDs because the 
normal lights burned out all the time. That was back in the early 80s when 
real computers had lots of lights.  I think LEDs were pretty new then.  (at 
least new to me)

The best reliability story I heard (many years ago) was about installing 
another trans-Atlantic telephone cable.  They used tubes long after 
transistors were out.  They knew how long the tubes would last.  They didn't 
have much data on transistors yet.

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