[time-nuts] FE-5652A

Peter p.devroome at onsnet.nu
Wed Apr 30 21:23:38 EDT 2008

Dear time_specialists,

I try to get my FE 5652A up and running, so far I have found the following connections / signals

on the 25 pin connector

pin 1 (and 21) + power supply
pin 8 (and 14 and 25) - power supply
I use around 15Volt for the unit to start working, just after power_on the current is around 2A, after some minutes the current drops to around 1A
the green status led starts blinking

pin 2 and 15 ==> 10MHz signal 1 output
pin 3 and 16 ==> 10MHz signal 2 output
the 10MHz outputs are via two transformers on the "GPS interface board", around 1Vpp

the other differential inputs I didn't find the purpose yet, as far as I can follow the tracks they go to 2 optocouplers (4 in a chip).

If someone has more info please let me know,

thanks in advance

Peter, PE1DTN

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