[time-nuts] cs beam tube failure???

David Welch aceamusements at mchsi.com
Fri Feb 8 12:59:26 EST 2008

I had a similar concern about a brand new 5071a I just purchased,This unit
is dated may of 05 and was first powered up Jan 2 of this year..the ion pump
has remained constant at 6 ua but I the electron mult volt has been dropping
about 1-2 volts per day since then.it started out at 1525 and is now at 1297
and still falling all the other parameters are fine but I noticed the osc
freq control has been dropping also it is now at -6.84,started out
at -5.50..do you think these is a problem with this tube?it is a high
perf..should still be under warranty as the manual says there is a 5 year
warranty on tubes 4240 prefix..
have you ever run into this before?any suggestions..Thanks David

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