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Rob Kimberley rk at timing-consultants.com
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Hi Roy,

I used to work for Odetics/Zyfer and have a number of manuals on file. Will
take a look and get back to you.

Rob Kimberley (in Nuneaton) 

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Pleased to join you - I major in "high-end" test equipment, and have
recently added a couple of Watkins-Johnson Rx's -- Dual 8607 (20 - 2032 MHZ)
,and a WJ 8700 again dual LF/HF (to 32 MHZ). But I have now gathered a
couple of items of "Time & Frequency" . The first one is a Radio Code Clock
RCC 8000, this receives the 60 Khz Standard frequency transmissions from our
UK transmitter. This is fine - works OK. Now I have a bigger challenge - I
found  a ODETICS Model 325-865 SatSync which has been gathering dust since
1998 (last date it was active). 
It was switched on (and no antenna was connected), I don't have one.  It
came to life and scrolling its menu it shows a date in 1998 and a set of
co-ordinates which suggests it was probably a ship installation. I found my
way to your site through searching for info on this item, and I gather that
some of you have this item of equipment - can you help - I gather that it
requires an active antenna  - what can be found or built to meet this need?
Also the system is "Locked" - what do I do to clear this problem ( the menu
display suggests I refer to the manual !!) Is it possible to obtain a manual
or copy of such. I must admit that it is a very well made item and must be
worthwhile to re-establish.  looking forward to any help you may offer.

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