[time-nuts] Trimble Thunderbolt Rs-232 Levels

Darrell Robinson darrell at shaw.ca
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Thanks for the quick reply.  It does have the 9 pin connector (DB-9?).

The main source of my uncertainty comes from the "ThunderBolt GPS Disciplined Clock Manual ver. 3.0" on page 3-18.  In table 3-3 where it shows the pinouts, the protocol mentions TTL.

Here is what my module looks like -

I think I will apply power to the module and measure the levels from the port.  If it is TTL out, I will need to do a level shift anyway to give the computer proper voltages to run it's serial port.


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> Darrell Robinson wrote:
> > I've just purchased a Trimble Thunderbolt from e-Bay, and from the various documentation that I've found online I'm still not 100% sure if I can use the RS-232 interface directly with my computer. I'm concerned that I might cook the Trimble interface with the ±12 volts from the computer RS-232. I'm wondering if the Trimble is TTL level only and therefore needs a MAX232 or similar, or does it use the older standard ±12 volt levels?
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> > The box I have does not have the power supply board enclosed. It's the timing board only with 2 BNC, an 'F' connector and a 6-pin power plug. Does the power supply board that comes with the more complete version have a level converter built in?
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> > Darrell
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> Darrell
> Does the board also have a DE9 connector?
> If so its likely to be RS232 compatible as stated on the datasheet.
> Does the board look like that in the attached image?
> Bruce

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