[time-nuts] Best OS for small time server

Chris Kuethe chris.kuethe at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:54:43 EST 2008

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 1:43 PM, Matthew Smith <matt at smiffytech.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks
>  I am about to put together a little time server for my office network
>  based on a Trimble ACE II GPS unit and a single-board computer with a
>  Pentium MMX CPU.
>  Assuming that the main function of this computer is to run ntpd with
>  PPS, what is the current best choice of OS - also taking into
>  consideration the fact that it is a computer with limited resources in
>  todays terms.  Linux or one of the BSDs?

I've built a few little time servers based on OpenBSD. The kernel can
grab a timestamp of the 1PPS signal and can extract time data from the
NMEA stream and feed those to ntpd. My home time server is a gps18/lvc
hanging off serial port 2 on a soekris net4801. it's adequate,
considering i have to use home powerline network to bring net to the
soekris. I'm sure there are are much higher precision installations,
but this was quick, easy, and basically good enough.

PHK's ntpns looks neat too...


GDB has a 'break' feature; why doesn't it have 'fix' too?

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