[time-nuts] For Sale HP-8405A

Bruce Lanning belanning at verizon.net
Sun Feb 24 15:59:06 EST 2008

 I have a Hewlet-Packard Vector Voltmeter (HP-8405A)that is in excess to my 
 and I am offering it for sale before I put it on the big auction.
 I am asking $150.00 to include the CD Manual, as well as a paper manual, 
power cord and shipping to
anywhere in the continantal USA.
 This 8405A is in good cosmitic condition and operationaly it also works 
  The Features are as follows:
       Agilent Technologies 8405A
       Measures voltage vectors described by both magnitude and phase
       Ideal for almost any design and test application in the   frequency
      range of 1 to 1000 MHz   Measurement capabilities include insertion 
loss and group delay
      of  passband-filters and other transmission devices, gain
      and phase margin of amplifiers, complex impedance of mixers, 
antennas,  etc.
      Two channels allow for ratio measurements and phase difference
      between  the two channels
      Gain or loss in excess of 90 dB and phase measurements with 0.1?
      resolution over a 360 phase range are possible
      Option 002 provides Linear dB Scale

The 8405A comes with two test probes. These probes are permanently
attached to the unit. They have a preamp within the probe. The probes on my
unit are intact, and equiped with BNC conectors.

Below is a picture and further info on this Unit.

http://www.atecorp.com/Equipment/HP/The 8405A

Contact me off reflector if interested.
 Bruce Lanning W1GBS
 blanning at acadia.net

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