[time-nuts] SVN23/PRN32 useable

Kiwi Geoff geoff36 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 21:39:21 EST 2008

Chris wrote:
>  What firmware version do you have? I have BQ04. The changelog says
>  that they deleted 2 inactive SBAS PRNs, but nothing one way or the
>  other. I'll check w/ tech support

I have BQ00 Chris.

Also I had disabled the SBAS function (doesn't apply "Down Under") so
I have a 12 channel machine, rather than 10 channels with 2 SBAS

However - I may have jumped the gun Chris.

I just downloaded the almanac from my AC12 and it now reports PRN 32 as per:

**nmea2alm**   Week 1468 almanac for PRN-32   **nmea2alm**
ID:                         32
Health:                     000
Eccentricity:               1.393890381E-02
Time of Applicability(s):   5.898240000E+05
Orbital Inclination(rad):   9.704250086E-01
Rate of Right Ascen(r/s):  -7.680319916E-09
SQRT(A) (m^1/2):            5.154642090E+03
Right Ascen at TOA(rad):    2.595522083E+00
Argument of Perigee(rad):  -1.317562164E+00
Mean Anom(rad):             8.926644664E-01
Af0(s):                     2.403259277E-04
Af1(s/s):                   7.275957614E-12
week:                       1468

So I should have waited longer than 24 hours after the satellite was
first switched on!

I guess depending on where you live, and the update cycle of GPS
satellites with new almanacs - it can take up to 30 hours before some
GPS receivers (running continuously) are aware of a GPS being made

So the reason my AC12 didn't receive PRN 32 this morning, was clearly
because it had an almanac that had PRN 32 marked unhealthy.

So maybe tomorow morning (when PRN 32 next smiles down on New Zealand)
all should be fine and dandy Chris!

So no panic about testing Chris, the AC12 may be OK

Waiting, waiting, waiting!

Regards, Kiwi Geoff.

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