[time-nuts] 5060A question...

Sebastian Stolp sebastianstolp at gmx.net
Wed Jan 2 04:41:25 EST 2008

hi brian,
maybe you can aply some tiny pieces of self adheshive lead band  
(golfer use on putters),
or hotglue flat pieces of lead on the side of the modules metal case/ 
or directly on whatever humms inside the device.
this alters the mass that swings and produces the sound.

just a thought,

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Am 02.01.2008 um 09:47 schrieb Poul-Henning Kamp:

> In message <FBEDKEIEMDPKGDDCPGNCIEEHDLAA.wa1zms at att.net>,  
> wa1zms at att.net writes
> :
>> Since I got it working several years ago, my HP-5060A
>> has a rather loud ~2KHz audible whine coming from it.
>> It seems to be a result of the switching power supply
>> in the A20 oven controller module.
> My units did the same thing, and I traced the sound to
> one of the two high-voltage supplies and decided that
> it was probably not worth the trouble...
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