[time-nuts] 35601A as stand-in for 11848A ?

BriMDavis at aol.com BriMDavis at aol.com
Sun Jan 6 19:38:07 EST 2008

John Miles wrote:
>> How many significant digits are there in a 5120A price quote?
> $2.0*10^4, last I heard. :)
OK, I'll be crossing that one off the home lab wish list!
>  I do have a hardcopy manual for the  35601A but am not
> sure if I have a .PDF of it or not.  Will check tomorrow 
> and let you know.  I can probably scan it easily enough
> if not, 11x17 foldouts excepted.
At this point, just the detailed 35601a system block diagram
showing the switched signal paths and gain/filter settings
should be enough for me to figure out how practical building
a Franken-3048a would be.

Don't spend time scanning the manual on my account, I'll
order a hardcopy from Manuals Plus once I sort out why they
have two different P/Ns listed for the service manual.
> You either need a 3047A/3048A system, or some custom software
> that you'll have to write yourself.
The later discussions of homebrew PN setups may have
obscured my original question: 

Has anyone ever looked into the feasibility
of using a 35601a as a stand-in for the 11848a
in a 3048a phase noise system?
 I have a 9000/340 computer with the 3048a software,
a 35601a, and can probably pick up the 3561A narrowband
analyzer needed by the 3048a software for $300-500 USD 
(with some patience).

The 11848a's usually still have four digit price tags.
> Keep in mind, though, that without the 11848A's internal sources,
> you're going to have to supply some kind of reference source
> at the same frequency as the DUT.
Yes, I plan to have two (or three) copies of the LO/reference chain
in question, and pull one of the OCXO's for quadrature lock.


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