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Mon Jan 7 20:43:55 EST 2008

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about the 2KHz whine
from my HP-5060A. It appears to be the nature of the design
and I'm not quite willing to try and re-design the oven controller
to convert it from 2KHz AC to DC.

I guess my 5060A will continue live in the back room where it's
not heard much.

-Brian, WA1ZMS

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This was one of the reasons that HP eventually went to the DC oven
controller. Even the early 5061A had this same problem. The 5060A and the
early 5061As had an AC oven controller. When they changed to the DC
controller, it probably saved a lot of people from insanity.
some of the other reasons were the transformer taps that had to be changed
when a new tube was installed, parts issues improved design,
manufactureability, etc...

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