[time-nuts] Truetime XL-DC help

Don Wisdom donw at engineeringinc.com
Sat Jan 12 23:09:39 EST 2008

Im going by my friends calibration lab tomorrow afternoon.   Hes got a known
working trimble gps setup that he uses for 10mhz.   I will definitly let you
all know what I find.

On 1/12/08 8:10 PM, "Bruce Lane" <kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com> wrote:

> Hi, Don,
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> On 12-Jan-08 at 19:09 Don Wisdom wrote:
>> Bruce,
>> The Andrew antenna uses a +5v DC Bias The trutime is kicking out +5vDC
>> between the center conductor & the cable shield.  It has the best horizon
>> to
>> horizon view its going to get where I live (mobile home park)   It is
>> mounted outside on its bracket with the dome above the metal roof.   Any
>> other suggstions?   I checked the internal battery voltage as well its
>> normal.   
> It is possible that the GPS receiver module itself may have problems. I found
> that, in the case of a (very!) old receiver module in one of my own clocks (a
> Magellan OEM5000), cold solder joints can be a problem on some receivers of
> the late-90's era.
> I started with much the same symptoms. What I tried was using an Ungar 6966C
> heat gun as a makeshift "reflow" tool to carefully reheat and reflow the
> solder on the surface-mount components (notably the IC's and chip
> caps/resistors near the antenna port).
> The result was amazing. The receiver went from completely deaf to completely
> normal, and it's been fine ever since. I was particularly pleased about this
> one because the clock it's in (an Odetics 425) had the Amundsen Antarctic
> Research Station as its former home, more specifically as part of the AST/RO
> (Astronomical Sub-Millimeter Telescope/Remote Observatory) project.
> Anyway -- If you have a similar heat gun (and if you don't, you should get one
> -- they're really handy!) just stick the narrow-tube nozzle on it and try
> going over the GPS receiver board. You have very little to lose.
> Happy tweaking.
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