[time-nuts] FW: RFTG-m-RB

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Mon Jan 21 00:04:26 EST 2008

Didier Juges wrote:
> John,
> The schematic of the 3586 Ext Reference input shows the 10 MHz going
> directly into what looks like an ECL line receiver, so a square wave should
> not bother it.
> Here is a link to the page of the schematic:
> http://www.ko4bb.com/cgi-bin/search.pl?search=8-H-5-6b.jpg
> Didier 

Actually an MC10116P configured for PECL operation (VVC =+5V and Vee=GND
instead of the standard ECL configuration Vcc = GND, Vee=-5.2V)
The input clamp diodes allow moderate overdrive without damage.
As long as the input signal doesnt ring excessively and has sufficient
(> 100mV pp) amplitude (into the 50 ohms input impedance) than it should
be tolerant of sine wave, or square wave inputs.


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