[time-nuts] phase noise questions

steve the knife poolshark at disinfo.net
Tue Jan 22 19:22:43 EST 2008


I followed with some interest a discussion about a NIST doubler circuit
using matched FET's and I was wondering if you could get similar results
using an analog multiplier chip from Analog Devices. It would seem that
they take some care about device matching and have parts that work up
to pretty high frequencies. Of course there would need to be some filtering
employed. Oh, and I think those parts do pretty well with temperature.

Also, when using a doubler that is rated in dBc how do you apply that
number to get an expectation from a given starting dBc oscillator. So
if my 10 MHz clock is -125dBc and I use the NIST circuit, what would
I see at 20 MHz in dBc?

thanks in advance,

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