[time-nuts] SiRF GPS receivers: GlobalSat MR-350P

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Jan 23 04:44:33 EST 2008

The context for this query is that I'm looking for inexpensive GPS units with 
a PPS output to connect up to ntpd.

Is anybody familiar with these units?

I just wired one up.  The PPS signal is only 1 microsecond wide.

The PPS from my Z3801A is 10 microseconds wide.  I can deal with that.  The 
extra factor of 10 is inconvenient.  (at least so far)

The Garmin GPS 18 LVC  has a command to adjust the PPS pulse width, but 
that's at the granularity of 20 ms rather than the microsecond range.  I just 
scanned the SiRF binary protocol manual and NMEA manual and didn't see 
anything.  (But I might have missed it.)

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