[time-nuts] Color coding cable comments (CCCC)

Raimond Melkers L-3 Titan Raimond.Melkers at L-3Com.com
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Most of the runs will be indoors, 
the "Harshest Environment" will be dealing with the occasional mice!
I'm thinking about running RG-6 Quad shield cable.
On second thought, my "Harshest Environment" will probably be the
"technician" that will be attempting to trouble shoot a non-existent
The longest runs will be less than 150 feet, 
and the delay compensation will be calculated into all the runs involved.
The color coding, or grouping, i.e. red for IRIG-B,  Blue for 1PPS, would be
to reduce the chances of a disconnected cable being placed onto the
incorrect connector.

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No colour codes that I'm aware of.

I'm interested to know how long your cable runs are going to be and the 
environment you are in (benign, harsh...). From past experience if very long

distances in high noise environments  you may want to think about using 
fibre optic links. Also, you need to look at delay compensation for your 
timing signals..

Rob Kimberley

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> Is there any standardized color coding for running "timing" cables?
> I have an upcoming project, and will be running some long cables for 1PPS,
> 5/10 MHz, and IRIG-B, and was wondering if there's any standardized colors
> that people have been using, or if there's any recommendations...
> Thanks!!
> Raimond
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