[time-nuts] indoor GPS test.

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Fri Jan 25 05:27:19 EST 2008

If you go to the Garmin web site and look at their OEM page, you can order the
OEM versions for around $55 from Garmin directly.  I have one of their models, a
15xx OEM module (including the pigtail cable).  It has PPS stated as good to 1us
but I was told it was actually good to 100ns with SA turned off.  It is not
designed to be a "timing" receiver, but will get you in the ball park for a cheap
price.  You will still need to get an antenna of some sort, supply power and use
software in a PC to setup and control the unit.

I purchased the Garmin 15 to use in my car, as my main GPS unit developed a
failure.  I was using my main unit to drive my laptop software for mapping
purposes.  The Garmin 15 will replace it.


Hal Murray wrote:

> > The GPS 18 from Garmin is ~130 list, since ti comes with some software
> > for a laptop.
> You want the GPC 18 LVC rather than any of the other versions.  (It's the
> only one with PPS.)
> You can get it for well under $100.  Look for the OEM version.  (aka no
> software)
> I got mine from Provantage.
>   http://www.provantage.com/garmin-010-00321-56~7GRMN039.htm
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