[time-nuts] Thunderbolt controllers

Björn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Mon Jul 7 17:35:50 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 21:14 +0000, Mark Sims wrote:

> BTW,  on 30 July 2017 your Thunderbolt turns into a pumpkin...  its
> interpretation of the GPS week number fails and it may or may not keep
> working.  At a bare minimum,  the time and date will be wrong (see
> ThunderBoltBook2003.pdf page A-56.

That is testable with a GPS simulator now. No need to wait for 2017.
Would give someone plenty of time to take a look at the flash image and
perhaps do a binary patch to move the problem further into the



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