[time-nuts] HP 5087A Input Doubler and 10 MHz Ampifiers

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue Jul 8 00:58:34 EDT 2008

> >
> Just watch for the odd error in those references.
> eg in the first reference (.../498.pdf) the captions for figure 2 and
> figure 3 should be swapped.
> If anyone wants to try it, I have an even quieter, lower distortion 3
> transistor isolation amplifier design that runs from a 12V supply.
> I'll add it to that page in the next few days. It has a 50 ohm input
> impedance and can be driven from a splitter which is in turn driven by
> another such amplifier to form a high reverse isolation and channel to
> channel isolation, low noise distribution amplifier.

Certainly, put it up there -- that's a handy collection of ideas.  I'd like
to add a couple of low-noise outputs to my 5087A at some point, actually.
There's a lot of empty space on the front panel that bugs me.

-- john, KE5FX

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