[time-nuts] viewing the upcoming leapsecond with XDaliClock

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Thu Jul 10 02:15:52 EDT 2008

 Hello to everyone,
 I'm new to the list and would like to ask about displaying the upcoming 
 leap second on a linux workstation.
 I use a PC running linux 2.6.24 and the djb clockspeed daemon periodically 
 synchronized with a couple of different NTP servers. I usually have a 
 correct reading within ~10ms (I know, it's not atomic time 8-)
 I also use the "right/America/Los_Angeles" time zoneinfo file for correct 
 synchronization with TAI, and installed the new leapsecond.dat file for 
 2008 in /etc. (and I restarted clockspeed)
 I'm on the pacific coast of the US and as such the leapsecond occurs here 
 just before 4pm.
 I've used the date command to set the time of my computer to Dec 31 2008 
 15:58 PDT and watched as the hour rolled over: No LeapSecond!
 It goes from 15:59:59 to 16:00:00
 I've been using XDaliClock as the display, which uses the unix localtime() 
 call to retrieve the time from the system.
 I've done quite a bit of scroogling in an attempt to determine how the time 
 is kept in the kernel and how it makes it's way through to userspace for 
 applications like date and xdaliclock to access. I didn't determine 8-(
 Can anyone advise me as to the feasibility of using this configuration to 
 display the leapsecond to a crowd of eager viewers at the end of this year?
 Thank you so much for your consideration of my noobish question, and for 
 maintaining an active interest in something just because you like it!
 ciao bella...

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