[time-nuts] 8. 74ac112 and 74ac164 sources and 200 Ohm resistors (time-nuts Digest, Vol 48, Issue 35)

David t_list_1_only at braw.co.uk
Sat Jul 12 15:45:40 EDT 2008

An easy answer to :

> I'm also hunting 200 Ohm 0.25W 1206 case thick film 
> resistors.  I can buy a reel of 5000 at about USD34 from RS 
> Components, but don't really need quite
> as many as that!!!   300 ohm don't seem any easier :-(
> Yes, I know these aren't in the standard resistor sequence.

Using standard E12 values:
220R in parallel with 2k2 is exactly 200R.
330R in parallel with 3k3 is exactly 300R.

Just stack the two parts on the single footprint, sadly I knew the answers
without calculating, need to get out more....


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