[time-nuts] cesium Zeeman frequencies

corby d dawson cdelect at juno.com
Sat Jul 19 13:47:29 EDT 2008

The Zeeman frequency is calculated by the amount of C-field current you

If you change the Zeeman then to get the unit "on frequency" you then
have to change the synthesizer frequency and the C-field current to
compensate. The amount of C-field change is too big for the front panel
knobpot so a resistor change on the A15 board is required.

The earlier 5061A current (61miiliGauss) resulted in a synthesizer
frequency of 12.6317716 Mhz giving a corresponding Zeeman frequency of

On later 5061A and B units HP decided that using a different current (76
milliGauss) that was more stable which ended up giving you 12.7317725Mhz
and 53.53Khz.

There is NO difference in the tubes C-field winding (for 5061A/B and
5071A). The current set resistor on the A15 board and the synthesizer
frequency are the only change.

Corby Dawson
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