[time-nuts] Leap Second Pending

d.seiter at comcast.net d.seiter at comcast.net
Wed Jul 30 15:50:25 EDT 2008

The mechanical 
> clepsydra shown overleaf is simple in operation. The cylindrical 
> vessel is slowly filled with water and a float with a stem and rack 
> engages the wheel to which the hour hand is attached. As the vessel 
> fills so the float rises and the hour hand is made to rotate. When 
> the vessel is full it is emtied (sic) and the process starts over 
> again. While this type of clock is spectacular and one would like 
> to think it is of ancient origin, it has to be recorded that no 
> ancient example has been handed down to us.

Actually, if I'm visualizing this correctly, a similar design was built by the ancient Greeks. I recall a article in National Geographic about the "Tower of the Winds" (or similar).  The source of the water stream was a tank that constantly overflowed, maintaining constant water pressure.  There was little to go on as far as actual physical evidence, so maybe it was wishful thinking and has been debunked since?


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