[time-nuts] Optical time sync

Rich and Marcia Putz rputz at bnin.net
Thu May 1 23:39:05 EDT 2008

Hi All;
On a different note, while at the NAB show a few weelks ago I was looking at LED based tower beacons. Now these are quite impressive but what really caught my eye was one with a Garmin hockey puck GPS antenna on top of it, I thought 'what's this?'  I inquired of the sales rep lady at the booth and she informed me that beacons for wind farms are required to have sychronized beacon lights. Since ther are no wind farms near this location (northern Indiana), I wonder if anyone near one has observed these GPS sync'd lighting schemes. Would these lend themselves to common view time transfer experiments or speed of light studies. This was the first I was aware of the control of beacons this way or might this be old news and I'm just the last one to find out again!

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