[time-nuts] Fast frequency counting question

Murray Greenman murray at rakon.co.nz
Sun May 4 17:01:38 EDT 2008


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I believe Leon has 30dB gain post mixer. He
is using an FSS 1000E as his mixer. So, we don't think the problem is
slew-rate limiting. Your suggestions for checking the performance with
changes in level is a good one.

This is an area of counting I've not considered before. We are working
with the chip manufacturers, and they report the problem, which we would
like to replicate. Personally I can't see it as an issue, but it has
been raised, and we would like to understand how to measure it. The chip
manufacturer has a high-speed A-D system and some method (unknown to us)
for post-processing the data.

I've suggested that Leon reply to you directly, as he has a better grip
on what the problem and requirement is. I understand that the problem is
relayed to warm-start TTFF performance in a GPS application.

Murray Greenman

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