[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Group Buy, part 1

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed May 7 00:20:36 EDT 2008

Before you get all angry, consider how most people view the list:


They see TVB's message about a new supply of Thunderbolts, and quickly
post a message saying: "me too!"

It isn't until it's too late that they see the message saying that there
is no list, and don't bug the group (or TAPR) with requests for cheap GPSDO's.

The real problem is TVB shouldn't have made the announcement until
TAPR was ready to deal with taking orders.  (Can you blame him for
being excited?)

And, I don't think there is any cause for you to insult list members and
call them cheapskates.  They just want in on what turned out to be a much
better deal than was ever contemplated.  Remember the earlier deal was for
several hundred dollars each.  The new price changes the calculus completely.

-Chuck Harris

Bill Hawkins wrote:
> How about a firm statement that there is NO list being made of people
> who are clamoring for a cheap Thunderbolt. As long as the possibility
> exists that there is a list, people will keep ignoring John.
> Me, I invested $600 in Lucent boxes and have no return on them. I'll
> not throw good money after bad.
> Meanwhile, we get the names of the cheapskates . . .
> Bill Hawkins
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> Hi John,
> people are not getting it, and keep sending-in requests to this  list...
> Is there any possibility to set up a mail alias that can get all these
> requests, and keep the noise off of this list as well?
> thanks,
> Said
> In a message dated 5/6/2008 09:57:55 Pacific Daylight Time, jra at febo.com
> writes:
> As I  said below -- we will first send ordering information to those who
> were on  the pre-order list last year, and then will announce how others
> may  order.  Please stay tuned, but also please don't clog up the TAPR
> inbox!
> Thanks,
> John
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