[time-nuts] Measuring 10 MHz

Martyn Smith martyn at ptsyst.com
Thu May 8 04:48:24 EDT 2008


Thanks to all for your replies and suggesting especially Brooke, Bruce and 

I am already using the Stanford technique with the 1 kHz output.  That's how 
I get 2 x 10E-12/sec accuracy.
Using this technique, the accuracy should be 7.9 uHz at 10 MHz (7.9E-13). 
But I don't reliably  achieve this.  I reliably get 20 uHz, sometimes 10 uHz 
and  I do have resolution to parts in 10E-13, but the last digit isn't 

Brooke do you do better than me here with this technique?  I see you publish 
results with accuracy better than I can achieve, I was wondering how you do 

I think the answer from Bruce identifies my problem.  I need to take more 
care with my measurement techniques

If it was easy, people wouldn't charge $20 - 50k for a box that dies it 

Thanks all again


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