[time-nuts] 5065A problem

corby d dawson cdelect at juno.com
Thu May 8 12:53:17 EDT 2008


Connect a scope to TP2 an the bottom of the A7 module at .5V/cm.

With the unit in open loop and the meter selection in error swing the
fine and/or coarse oscillator adjust back and forth. 

You should see the error meter cross back and forth thru zero when the
oscillator goes thru the resonance.

Also you should see a signal that goes from the fundamental frequency to
2X that frequency on the scope when you swing thru resonance.

If all this looks OK then adjust for 10 on the error meter and then
select operate. The reading should drop to zero and the scope signal
should be at the 2X frequency point.

If the scope signal drifts off resonance with time you probably have a
bad A9 integrator assy. Does it have a old style black plastic cased op
amp or a T05 style op amp?

Also if the sinal is weak you may need to align the A3. Just the top two
pots and the pot on the side. Don't mess with the other adjustments.

I do have parts available.

Hope this helps.

Corby Dawson
cdelect at juno.com

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