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Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Wed May 14 08:11:18 EDT 2008

Unfortunately, you guys are missing John's point!

What happens in the scenario that John describes is that AOL will
"blacklist" his server. If that happens, *any* AOL recipient's mail will be
rejected by AOL and you will NEVER receive the time-nuts mail (if you have
an AOL address!). So that is a very bad thing.
In addition to that, Febo happens to be my mail server (to which I am very
thankful to John for allowing me to do that). If AOL blacklists Febo, that
means that I also will not be able to send email to AOL accounts.  This is a
very bad thing, because not only do I have a lot of friends that use AOL,
but also some business associates. That is very ugly and I know through John
just how bad it is to deal with AOL on this.  They are VERY difficult to
deal with, and when it happened this one time before it took him days to get
it straightened out. AOL does NOT have a sense of humor, and unfortunately,
they are the ones that are in control of the situation.  You have to beg
them to put you back on the whitelist.

So all you AOL folks, please be careful with that spam button!!


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Wouldn't  that be kind of a good thing?  I mean, can the intersection of the
set  of AOL members and the set of folks who can understand what we discuss
here  contain more than a couple of people?  And wouldn't it be a GOOD thing

give those folks a good reason to get a REAL ISP and bid AOHell  goodbye?

Only a good thing to those not using AOL so hardly a very useful suggestion

is it?
Not that I'm biased of course:-)

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