[time-nuts] Strange reports of bocked messages to timenuts

Magne Mæhre magne at samfundet.no
Sat May 17 05:20:22 EDT 2008

Dr. David Kirkby wrote:
> I've been receiving some emails which claim to come from my ISP saying 
> my messages to timenuts have been blocked due to spam.
> A typical subject line is "[time-nuts] ***Your message was blocked***" 
> But I've not sent a message!

The problem is not with you.  All subscribers to the list received this.
What causes the email is that conwin.ie use a lookup service to discard
unwanted email (spam, scams, etc.).  This lookup service seems to check
with rfc-ignorant.com  that has a listing over domains that are not
compliant with the mail and dns related RFC's.   Unfortunately
febo.com is listed here.

It seems febo.com (John's domain, and the host of the time-nuts
mailing lists)  was listed at rfc-ignorant.org  2 1/2 years ago due
to a problem with the DNS record for meow.febo.com.

| Current Results for febo.com lookup
| blacklist_zone	domain	status	Submitted	Added	Rejected	| Removed
| bogusmx 	febo.com	Listed	Nov 11, 2005 22:35 EST	Nov 11, | 2005 
22:35 EST	Never	Never

..and details:

| Return Code: 5
| Description: ns1.febo.com reports that febo.com has an MX
|  (meow.febo.com) which ns1.febo.com says is a CNAME (to febo.com)

The issue they're complaining about is that febo.com has an MX record
that points to meow.febo.com.  A host that is pointed to by an MX record
must have an A record, and is not allowed to be a CNAME.  It turns out
that meow.febo.com is a CNAME for febo.com, and thus in violation with
the RFC.


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