[time-nuts] Strange reports of bocked messages to timenuts

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Sat May 17 05:27:09 EDT 2008

Dr. David Kirkby wrote:
>> I've been receiving some emails which claim to come from my ISP saying 
>> my messages to timenuts have been blocked due to spam.
>> A typical subject line is "[time-nuts] ***Your message was blocked***" 
>> But I've not sent a message!
I didn't save the messages, but if you look, I think you will find that 
the outbound message came from someone in the group (Brooke I think) and 
it got bounced for one person in the time-nuts list. Seems that the bot 
that did the bouncing was dumb enough to copy the time-nuts list mail 
address in the bounce message.

We all saw the bounce message (I think). Don't take it personally.

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