[time-nuts] Fwd: ARLB010 Spring 2008 W1AW Frequency Measuring Test Set

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Mon May 19 14:41:49 EDT 2008

> Subject: ARLB010 Spring 2008 W1AW Frequency Measuring Test Set
> Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 13:33:09 -0400
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> ARLB010 Spring 2008 W1AW Frequency Measuring Test Set
> QST de W1AW  
> ARRL Bulletin 10  ARLB010
> From ARRL Headquarters  
> Newington CT  May 19, 2008
> To all radio amateurs 
> ARLB010 Spring 2008 W1AW Frequency Measuring Test Set
> W1AW will conduct a Spring Frequency Measuring Text.  This FMT will
> begin on Wednesday, May 21 at 9:45 PM (EDT) (that's the same as 0145
> UTC on May 22), replacing W1AW's normally scheduled phone bulletin.
> W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, recommends that those
> planning to participate should listen to W1AW transmissions prior to
> the event to determine which band -- or bands -- will be best for
> measurement purposes.
> For this FMT, participants are asked to measure the frequency of an
> audio tone, given an exact frequency for the carrier signal. The
> tone will be between 1000-2500 Hz. The carrier frequencies will be
> 3990 kHz (LSB), 7290 kHz (LSB), 14290 kHz (USB) and 18160 kHz (USB).
> The techniques for measuring a modulating tone are described in the
> November 2004 QST in an article on the Frequency Measuring Test by
> H. Ward Silver, N0AX.  The article can also be found at,
> http://www.arrl.org/w1aw/fmt/2004/04fmtsilver.pdf.  The FMT Web page
> also has several interesting articles about measuring on-the-air
> signal frequencies.
> The FMT will start with a general QST call from W1AW at exactly 0145
> UTC, transmitted simultaneously on the frequencies listed above. The
> test will consist of three 60-second key down transmissions for each
> band, followed by a station identification. The test will last for
> approximately 15 minutes and will end with station identification.
> W1AW will identify before, during and after the transmissions. There
> are no plans at this time for a West Coast station.
> As in the November 2007 FMT, your report should be submitted via the
> FMT Report form web site at, http://www.b4h.net/fmt/fmtentry.php.
> Along with your call sign and e-mail address, enter your most
> accurate measurement on each band. There will be a window to list
> your equipment, describe the method you used to make the
> measurements and enter any Soapbox comments.  Participants have 14
> days to input their data.  Participants may input their data more
> than once, although the final entry will be the one used for the
> results.
> W1AW will post the transmitted frequencies on the W1AW FMT Web site
> shortly following the test. This will allow participants to quickly
> determine the accuracy of their equipment and methods. A complete
> package of results will be available via the FMT Web site after the
> 14-day reporting period is concluded.
> The results from the November 2007 FMT are available on the 2007 FMT
> Results Web site at, http://www.b4h.net/fmt/fmtresults200711.php .
> /EX

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