[time-nuts] Thunderbolt initial startup

David C. Partridge david.partridge at dsl.pipex.com
Tue May 20 16:21:11 EDT 2008

I've managed to cobble a serial cable for my TB as I found I had a spare
DB9M connector and another cable with a DB9F on the other end.

I'm now looking at tboltmon - it's saying only 1 SV usable and 1% into
self-survey, I only attached the antenna about 5-10 minutes ago.

The antenna (car type) is mounted on a small disc of aluminium, and is about
40ft off the ground and has a reasonable view of the sky though there are
some trees to the south of me.   Antenna cable is 5mtrs of RG174.??

It shows a number of satellites with an AMU value (whatever that is) of 0.
The one it's tracking has an AMU of >15.

Is this normal as the self-survey starts?  Or do I need a (much) more
serious antenna (this one claims 28db gain)?

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