[time-nuts] Comparing Reference Accuracy

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>  I have several HP-5334A on the way but not sure of their 
> condition, also have a PCI card for GPIB with John's software 
> I would need to adapt it to use multi counters and not the 
> 59307A switch, as I don't have one. 
> Stanley

I bought a couple of HP 59307A switches on eBay for $5 each plus reasonable

They can be found regularly.

I was offered an HP 5334B for parts that was missing the cover and front
panel (including display and switches, resulting from an emergency landing
with the gear up, or something like that) from a list member (thanks again).
The counter works great over GPIB. Apparently the lack of front panel does
not bother it... I was planning on using parts to repair a power-up reset
condition on my other HP 5334B, but since this one is is working (sort of),
I never came around to taking it further apart. These counters are rugged.


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