[time-nuts] OT: Anyone programmed HP 59306A relay actuator (orother old device)?

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Sat May 24 10:59:19 EDT 2008

Didier Juges wrote:
> Remember these units don't have uC, so any signal that would normally depend
> on some timing must be generated externally, i.e. come from the bus. I
> suspect the box might need some signals that other equipment (uC equipped)
> may not absolutely require. However, this being a piece of HP equipment, I
> am pretty confident that is will strictly obey (and require strict adherence
> to) the HPIB specification, even in areas where more recent equipment will
> show significant tolerance. 
Could be that.
> Now that I think of it, I really never cared much for the low level NI
> programming. I did some of it way back under DOS, and ever since finding the
> BlackBox and more recently the Prologix controllers, I have not looked back.

I've always used the NI controllers and never had any problems with any 
micro processor controlled instrument. This is the first item I've ever 
programmed a device without a micro, and so far it is beating my 
attempts to program it.
> Didier

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