[time-nuts] The HP 10811-60111

Roy Phillips phill.r1 at btinternet.com
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Thanks for the picture/schematic , this is the item in question, and I can 
see that it comes from a 5328A manual ! - obviously a different issue from 
the one on the Agilent website. I gather that the 10544A is another Xtal 
Osc. module ? - is there compatibility between the two ??


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> Roy,
> may I help with the copy I have?
> Unfortunately I do not remember the friendly person who
> published it in the net.
> The board seem to be designed to run the 10544A
> but may serve as well for the 10811A.
> regards
> Arnold Tibus
> On Wed, 28 May 2008 10:34:42 +0100, Roy Phillips wrote:
>>Good members
>>I have a 10811-60111 Crystal Osc. which is attached (15 way edge 
>>connector), to a PCB of Hewlett Packard manufacture. This later item has a 
>>type number 05328-20027 which suggests that it was part of the HP
> 5328 Counter. The PCB is about half as big again as the XTAL Osc., and has 
> 4 IC's, 3 transistors, a "fine adjust" pot, and 2 adjustable C's (C12 & 
> C15), and finally a 15 way identical edge connector. Rick pointed me to
> the Agilent "old equipment" site to download the 5328 Manual. This 
> unfortunately does not have this unit within, but shows a simple smaller 
> interface. It is obviously a complete control interface - ?oscillator and 
> oven? . If
> anyone has the data on this unit I would be most grateful for a copy, in 
> particular the edge connector, interconnections and set-up data.
>>Roy Phillips
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