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> Just to add my experiences and throw in another two cents worth.
> I live in California,  and a few years back I did some experiments
> with Geller on the East coast shipping back and forth some of his 10V
> References in the regular mail that I had added a simple 1 transistor
> 1st order Temperature compensation circuit to some of his selected  
> aged
> units and proved to my satisfaction that better than 2PPM transfer
> accuracy was obtained across the country. In house I can consistently
> get better than 1 PPM transfer with the same units. Of course there
> are more accurate ways, but for us cheap guys It sure beats the $500
> I heard Fluke charges to do their underlying Fluke 732B calibration.
> WarrenS
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Warren, could you or would  you share that little mod with us?

Dick Moore

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